Ways to Help Your Smartphone Survive After it Gets Wet

1. Put it in a sealed bag of uncooked rice

By this point in the smartphone timeline, we have all pretty much heard the old adage, if you drop your phone in water put it in rice right away. Some people might tell you that advice is just a myth or an old wives tale, but it actually works.

First you have to do whatever you can to dry your phone of any excess water, then just place the phone fully submerged into either a container or a bag filled with uncooked rice.

Then you wait around 24 hours, and by then the rice should have done its job absorbing all of the moisture out of your smartphone. This is actually the best way to have your phone survive a mistake of dropping it in water, and is great when you are on vacation or not near a phone repair place because rice is easily accessible nearly everywhere.

2. Do not power on the phone

When people drop their smartphone in water, the first thing they do if it shut off is try to turn the phone on to see if it is working. However, this is actually the worst thing you can possibly do.

If you power on the phone with any excess water still inside the phone it will cause the inside workings of your phone to fry and short circuit due to the moisture. Water is a known conductor of electricity and when the power is button is activated it causes the phone to break because of the water.

3. Do not plug your charger in

The same thing that happens in the above section when you turn on your phone will happen if you plug your phone and its charger into a power outlet.

4. Do not shake or move the phone around a ton

A lot of the time when you drop your phone in water, your immediate reaction is to try and shake all of the excess water in the phone out through the speakers, charge port, or headphone jack if you’re old school. Yet that is another one of the worst things you can do to your phone if it gets wet.

Shaking the phone to get the water out can actually get the water deeper into the crevices inside your phone that you don’t want it to touch. Actually little water will come out if you do try this method, so it is relatively pointless.

What you are actually supposed to do is the next number on this list.

5. Disassemble the phone and without adding heat dry it with a paper towel

This part of the process is a lot more complicated than any of the rest of the steps on the list and should not be done unless you have at least some experience with disassembling phones or have done your research on your specific smartphone.

If you know enough about your phone to take off the back outer case of the phone without causing further damage, then you should do this step immediately. You can then try to dab the wet parts of the phone with a paper towel without moving any of the smaller parts inside the phone.

Just a warning if you do try to dry your phone after disassembling it, then by no means try to add heat to dry it. If you add heat it can add permanent damage to the inside of your phone.

The best thing you can do if you drop your phone in water or have any type of water damage is to take it to the experts at GadgetTech. We can fix or replace the parts in most phones that have sustained minimal water damage. However if you do not have access to a GadgetTech store, then you can follow the above steps to try to avoid further damage.

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