About Gadget Tech

Gadget Tech was started when we saw a need from the market. Here is our story!


“My name is Luke Schlim and I’m the owner of Gadget Tech. I’ve always been an entrepreneur; growing up I was never fond of school and book work but rather have always had a passion for servicing the public and have always loved anything electronic. Over the years I began to notice that there was a serious need for a good quality repair followed by excellent customer service that could be trusted by consumers. I decided to be the change within this industry and build my own repair store from the ground up. Gadget Tech has been in business since September of 2013 and has flourished ten folds over the years we have been in business thanks to loyal customers like you who find our services valuable.” – Luke Schlim, Owner.

Logan Danson - Manager

“I’m Logan Danson, manager at Gadget Tech Rancho Cucamonga. I first came to this company when my friend Luke asked if I wanted to be apart of this business to repair cell phones and other electronics. I had been dabbling in electronic repair when the iPod touch first came out but never gained any confidence until Luke came along and encouraged me to do more. I’ve been doing repairs in this industry for almost 7 years now and I continue to learn something new everyday. I also pride myself on my customer service. I feel like I can help provide an enjoyable atmosphere to any of our customers coming to us for their repair in any given situation. My favorite repair to do at the moment is the iPhone 7 plus. I will always strive to provide great repairs with great customer service and nothing less, guaranteed.” – Logan Danson, Manager

Jason - Lead Technician

“Hello I’m Jason, lead tech at Gadget Tech Rancho Cucamonga. I first started with The company back in early 2015 while the company first started to take off. I strongly believe and stand by our principles at Gadget Tech; to deliver outstanding customer service while performing excellent electronic repairs. I firmly believe that every customer that comes in for a repair should always feel welcomed and be serviced by a knowledgeable tech who can assist in any way possible. I first got into cell phone repairs in high school working on the iPhone 4, and the occasional laptop hardware repairs. My favorite repair would have to be the Apple iPad or Samsung repairs, these repairs don’t only take patience but also a steady hand and attention to detail.” –  Jason Guiterrez, Lead technician

“I’m Ovi, Gadget Tech Mobile repair technician. I first joined Gadget Tech Mobile when I saw that the company opened a mobile branch. I found this very intriguing considering no other repair stores had a mobile team and the concept behind it is very advanced and unique. I love being able to come to wherever our customers need us to be at any given time to help them out. Being without your phone can be a huge inconvenience and be very chaotic and I love being able to be of service to help make people’s day easier! I’ve been doing electronic repairs for about 3 years now. My favorite repair is the iPhone 6 Plus.” – Ovidio Sanz, Gadget Tech Mobile Technician