A Few Reasons Why You Should Fix Your Phone When it Breaks or Cracks Rather Than Replace It

It is amazing how quickly the cell phone has turned into the center of all our mini universes, and all because of the versatile functionality that it possesses. So since it has that much power and is such an important part of every day life, it would make since to invest and take care of your smartphone, right?

This list goes into detail about a few of the main reasons why it is a smart decision to fix your smartphone, rather than replace it. Everyone enjoys having a brand new phone, but if you can make your phone as good as new and save money, then why wouldn’t you?

If you’re in Rancho Cucamonga or in Southern California, come get your phone repaired with us. Here are the 3 biggest reasons why you should look into getting your phone fixed.

1. It Saves Money in the Long Run

It is no secret to anyone that newest smartphones have very outrageous pricing and the newest iPhone and Galaxy phones can cost upwards of $1,000. That is why as consumers you should try to avoid buying a new phone at all costs to save the cheddar in their wallets.

It is much cheaper to get a screen replaced, which costs at most $150 on the newest phones, rather than shelling out more than a grand to get a replacement phone.

Back when smartphones were just becoming popular, it was worth it for a person to buy a new phone almost every year because of how rapidly they got better each year. However, now it is the exact opposite, almost every phone company is struggling to make their newest model seem more advanced than the next.

It is just simply not worth it to get a new phone every time you crack or break it, because it is just more valuable than ever before. Phones have essentially become a computer in everyone’s pocket and the phone part of it is simply a feature at this point, and that is why it makes more sense to fix it rather than replace.

Think of it like you would your laptop or personal home computer, if that got damaged, you would unlikely try to replace it right away. The logical steps would be for you to try and see what is wrong with the computer and fix it rather than buying a new one.

With that analogy in mind, let us be your go to shop to help with any phone damage and you and your bank account will be happy in return.

2. Helps Prevent E-Waste

One of the biggest issues with the phone companies building the phones flimsy and causing people to buy them more often, is large amounts of electronic waste it is creating. Disposing of electronic materials in the improper fashion can cause detrimental amounts of pollution to the environment and is contributing to the massive amounts of green house gasses already in the atmosphere.

By buying a phone once every 3 or 4 years instead of every 1 or 2, it can actually make an impact on the waste that thousands of consumers contribute to each year. As the population continues to grow, and the younger generations are becoming smartphone owners younger and younger, the amount phone and electronic waste is becoming an even bigger problem.

Some repairs can even utilize recycled materials in the touch up process, so buying fixing instead of throwing it away you are helping contribute to the cause of recycling electronic materials.

3. Cracks and Small Issues Lead to Further Damage

Ignoring little damage to your phone is a lot like ignoring a small problem with your motor vehicle. As time goes on and wear continues to build that small problem turns into a big one as other parts of the car try to compensate for the bad part or issue.

The same thing can happen to your smart phone. Just because your phone works after it submerged in water for a few seconds, does not mean that it did not sustain water damage. A little crack in the phone that is ignored, can turn into entire pieces of the screen falling off or even stop responding to touch.

So the smart move is to take your phone to get fixed after any sort of damage happens, no matter how small. Like we mentioned in section one of this article, it is much cheaper to get the phone fixed, than to replace it. That means fix your phone before it is no longer able to be fixed!

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