5 Things That Can Go Wrong if You Use a Cracked Phone Screen

1. The Crack Can Get Way Worse

If you have ever chipped your windshield on your car, then you know that little chip can eventually turn into a giant crack running across the entire windshield if it is not taken care of properly. However, it can go away and be forgotten if filled in and fixed right away.

The same goes for your smartphone as well even a small chip or crack in the screen can snowball into a spiderweb crack across the entire phone screen, just like a windshield.

The reason the screen starts to rapidly detiorate is because of the constant use and transportation of the smartphone that occurs on a daily basis. The pressure that is on the device while it is carried in a persons pocket or bag is enough to cause a cracked screen to spread rapidly.

2. It Leaves Microscopic Entryways Into the Inside of Your Phone

Most of us when viewing the outside screen of our smartphone just see it as the touch screen display used to navigate all the cool feature of the device. However what you don’t realize is that your screen also is the outside seal of protection for all of the inside little parts that can easily damage if they are exposed to the elements.

It is hard to imagine that anything can get through the microscopic cracks that a cracked screen creates in the phone. Yet if you do not fix the screen it will allow particles like dust, water, and air to ruin your phone.

3. The Glass Screen Can Cut You and Leave Little Splinters in Your Skin

Anyone who has ever gotten a splinter from wood can tell you that it is one of the most annoying pains in existence. The same is true about splinters of glass that can get into your skin if you continue to use it after the screen has cracked.

You might not feel it right away or notice any pieces of your phone coming off, but you will definitely notice when every time you touch something with your thumb and there is a nagging stinging pinch pain. The dangers and risks of using your phone after a crack are real.

“I know from experience because I recently cracked my phone screen and continued to use it and for the next couple of days I could not get the glass splinters out of my thumb.”

-Cameron S.

4. It Causes Your eye to Struggle to Read and is Difficult to Use

Have you ever had a strange squiggly line in your eye that will not go away and is impossible to see past, and if you try to look at it, it moves away? Well it is one of the most irritating things that can happen when you’re trying to focus your eyes upon something.

The same can be said for cracks on your phone screen as well. When the crack is really bad they can almost be impossible to see the display through.

This can cause your eyes to really struggle and strain to see past the crack and it can be bad for your vision in the long run. Anything that causes your eyes to strain for an extended period of time, can negatively effect your vision.

5. It can make your touch screen stop working altogether

In the world of instant gratification, sometimes the most frustrating thing about an iPhone is when the display stops responding to touch correctly. The screen can either be lagging in response to your touch or it might not work at all on some spots of the screen at times.

When you crack your display, that makes it way more likely that the screen will stop working altogether. After a crack and eventual degrading of the material that constructs the touch screen, it is only logical and inevitable that the responsiveness will be harshly effected.

So if you learned anything from this article, it should be that there are real risks and dangers when it comes to using a smartphone screen after it has been cracked. So if you do indeed experience a crack in your phone head over to your local Gadgettech to get it repaired before it gets worse.

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